Providing Structure, Losing the Clutter, and Focusing on What Really Matters.

Lifestyle consulting is a process used to take a person from where they are now to where they dream to be. A lifestyle consultant will assist and guide you in growing your life by helping you clarify your career vision and how it fits in with your personal goals. Fitting your career vision in with your personal goals is a step that is often missed by most business coaches, who often only focus on career and business goals. In so doing, they are omitting the opportunity to help you grow to your fullest by touching on several necessary key aspects to help you architect your dream life.

A great professional seeks to understand why reaching career growth goals is important to them personally, and the impact it will have on their life. After all, YOU ultimately determine the speed and passion in which your goal is met, and if it is not linked to the YOUR personal dreams, goals and plans for yourself, there is no burning reason why getting to ANY goal is critical.

Milly is a lifestyle consultant with a holistic approach, taking into account the unique needs of each client, realizing there is no generic “one size fits all” plan that will work for everyone. Check out Milly’s Life Planning Boutique: a top quality, full service, one stop shop to help you turn your dream life into a reality!