Meet Milly

Milly is a Lifestyle Consultant who helps busy professionals to reduce stress and maximize productivity in their lives.  

Before starting her business lifestyle consulting, Milly worked 15 years as a project manager and finance manager.  

After a successful career helping busy executives and eager clients, Milly now guides and supports them on how to put systems in place to successfully manager their busy lives and prevent burnout.

Milly grew up in Upstate NY, graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a Bachelors in Business Economics and then went on to earn her MBA at the University of New Haven in Connecticut.  She currently resides in Apex, NC with her husband Archie and furbabies Dodge and Palin.

When not helping others, Milly likes to papercraft.  She is known for her love of Hair Bands, but is also crazy about baseball, tea rooms, dive bars and fashion!

Milly is available for private consultations by appointment only. You can reach her at (917) 273-8149 or