“A life changing experience.”

I started out as an overwhelmed mom practicing real estate on the side. Milly magically transformed my two page brain dump of what my perfect life would look like into an actual plan of action. She helped me create a new routine that makes me more efficient and productive which allows me to reach my goals even faster. I look forward to my weekly check-ins with Milly as she is excellent at keeping me accountable and on track. I finally feel like I have control over my life and can be the attentive, engaging mother, supportive wife, and fierce business woman I always imagined myself to be! This has truly been a life changing experience - I highly recommend consulting with Milly if you need help in any aspect of your life - she helps makes dreams come true!

— P.M., Chapel Hill, NC

“Dedication for your success.”

Working with Milly has changed my perspective on life. She has simplified and helped me organize all aspects of my life in such a positive way it has given me a new outlook. Her no excuses coaching holds you accountable, so you can make the changes you need for personal growth. Weekly small goals help you achieve yearly results. Her dedication for your success makes her an amazing mentor/coach. Time is money and Milly helps me achieve both!"


“Amazing life coach all around.”

Milly is thorough, thoughtful, organized, and truly cares about my success.  She is easy to chat with, but also stern in her expectations.  She has not only helped me grow my business, but also has been amazing life coach all around.

— M.C.

“Her plan is customized to my wants and needs.”

I am so glad that I decided to hire Milly Janvrin as my Coach 12 weeks ago! I am a Realtor in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area and as someone who works for themselves I needed help focusing my business and prioritizing my goals for 2019. I had worked with another coach prior to Milly, but never felt like I was a priority. I would have to remind my previous coach of our meeting and conversation we had the week prior. Milly actually listens to me and I feel like her plan is customized to my wants and needs, which has allowed me to set up my business better for 2019 and beyond. I have seen a significant increase in my numbers on social media as well as my active clients since I signed on with her and couldn't have asked for a better coach!

- M.B., Raleigh, NC